What is hidden behind the “PAD” (FOTE-EYOWF) of Flavius Bãrbulescu

What is hidden behind the “PAD” (FOTE-EYOWF) of Flavius Bãrbulescu



Wednesday February 13th 2013, at about 10.30 a.m. three thugs of chief dog-catcher Flavius Dumitru Bãrbulescu’s personal guard stormed through the gate of the Flavus Inc. Company (gate 1 of the former “Tractorul” Factory) with the holy mission of annihilating a terrorist cell of street dogs that were planning on sabotaging the EYOWF 2013 by subversively urinating on the skating rink of Tractorul Park.

The three hominids whose descriptions fit those of Gheorghe Burgã, Gheorghe Pavãl and Ovidiu Prodan, drew their tranquilizer guns and started to scatter left and right high risk drugs, quite like dealers keen on getting rid of their stuff when followed by the police. The third round of ketamine eventually hit one poor dog which, however, they were not able to catch; so they exemplarily took it out on 7 puppies, merely 3 weeks old, who were sitting meekly in a cage (made and placed by two employees within the perimeter of Flavus company): they grabbed and threw them into their miserable pick-up truck, thus separating them from their mother, who ran away scared.


Paval    Burga

Dog-catchers of the Public Service for Animal Management – SPGA: Gheorghe Pavãl and Gheorghe Burgã


In order to have a general picture of the sheer silliness of this action, it needs pointed out that the location of the 7 puppies’ kennel was a shielded place within the fenced premises (and guarded by a gatekeeper) of Flavus Inc, thus being a place where dog-catchers had no business to be, for the simple reason that by law, they have the right to catch those dogs, “that move around freely, unaccompanied in public places” (and not those three-week old puppies in a kennel on private ground). When the gatekeeper of Flavus Inc. asked “why they were taking the puppies” and told them that their mother is in the area, these individuals replied shortly, that “the mayor’s office had ordered them” to pick up all creatures of canine appearance (including embryos) on a 3-mile radius around the skating rink.

Following the dog-catching predators from the SPGA


At 2.15 p.m., after having heard about this infamous action, we arrived at the scene, spoke with the gatekeeper of Flavus Inc. and identified in the snow the footprints of the dog-catching predators and the kennel where the dog had been taken from. We also saw the puppies’ mother of whom the gatekeeper informed us that she was aimlessly circling the area. At 2.40 p.m. we dialled 112 and asked for a police team to be sent to the animal shelter of Stupini, in order to establish if the dog-catchers had committed a crime, namely cruelty to animals – “separating puppies younger than 8 weeks from their mother”, an action prohibited by the provisions of art. 6, par. (2) k of the Animal Protection Law (no. 205/2004).  We reached the dog-catchers’ hole at around 2.45 p.m. and surprized two caretakers who were just about to take off. There was nobody in the inner yard, the hall was locked and the containers for animal bodies were empty. After about 5 minutes the puppet-veterinary surgeon of the shelter emerged from the cave in which he hibernates daily, and we asked him what he had done with the seven puppies.


20120612 Sabau3   20120327122602 (1)moldovan

„Vet” Cristian Sabãu and „veterinary technician” Dorin Moldovan


This person warmed us with a scream that “he wasn’t talking to us on Wednesdays”, stabbed the air a couple of times with his forefinger in a muted curse and ran off to report our “entering” to the expert in producing and hiding cadavers, the so-called “veterinary technician” Dorin Moldovan.

Alerted by the croaks of the veterinary surgeon stamp carrying puppet, out came Dorin Moldovan, who –as he told us himself – had just been about to wash his hair during animal watering hours and answered our question about “what have you done with the seven puppies?” with the Bãrbulescu’s favourite cliché: “no public opening hours today, I don’t answer any questions outside public opening hours … leave the shelter, etc.”


Commissioner Mircea Popa – “the mop” and the “wipe” of sub-commissioner Cãtãlin Marin


The police team from Station 2 appeared 10 minutes after we had retreated to the militarized gate of the dog-catchers’ den . We asked them to check if the puppies were in the shelter and waited. As with every intervention of Station 2 police agents, this time too we perceived almost physically how the “wheels” were set into motion and how the “spindle” of covering-up was spun. Probably Cãtãlin Marin, the chief of Police Station 2 (who had inherited from Mircea Popa the “sticks” for the “wheels” of every anti-dog-catching complaint, as well as the “wipe” used for cleaning up any trace of the outrageous actions) had telephoned Bãrbulescu,


130218 Catalin Marin

Chief police inspector CRISTIAN CÃTÃLINMARIN 
Head of Police Station2


who on his turn had rung the cyclist, skier, mountaineer and dog-catcher-lover policeman  Mircea Popa , who has climbed the mayor’s back till the top of the Municipal Police and holds the “Golden Mop” Prize for special merits in cleaning up all dog-catcher “dejections” of 2009- 2013. Popa has then called back Marin Cãtãlin, ordering him to get some more “wipes” and cook up some idiotic excuses such as to allow the 3 criminals to bail.


130218 Mircea Popa

Commissioner Mircea Popa


It is quite possible that somewhere along this short, red and stinky thread, the genius creator of roundabouts has also intervened, who, short of standing but tall in imparting advice, as we know him, may have sealed the fate of the puppies and the investigation, threatening that there is “EYOWF” for all, and that he would “EYOWF ” them all.


130218 Scripcaru

George Scripcaru – Mayor


After twenty minutes of killing time in the closet of “vet” Cristian Sabãu, the two policemen condemned by their direct and indirect superiors to mere background acting, came to ask us “what and when”, “how do we know that the dog-catchers took the puppies”, “who saw what and when”, in a pathetic attempt to find out if have any evidence to incriminate the “boys”. They said they had checked the registers and that no puppy had been brought to the shelter. We asked them to check whether the scribbling in the dog-catchers papers coincided with the reality in the kennels, that is we asked them to enter the shelter together with an assisting witness (from a company within the perimeter), what, after 5 minutes of debating they did. Regrettably the puppies were not in the shelter. We asked them then to recall to base the car of the three ketamine-blowers, in order to check whether the animals are in the car and to interview the officers.

Upon hearing these natural requests the policemen simply rolled their eyes and conveyed to us in their own words the moronic pretext produced by the fecund minds of policemen Mircea Popa and Cãtãlin Marin: “How can we, man, know where the car is, the car is under way, it has work to do, man, it is directed by the mayor, because there’s this ongoing EYOWF!” So we replied, “how come, man, the mayor has become the dispatcher of the dog-catchers? And even should he be the dispatcher of the dog-catchers, how can you not stop the car in traffic?!”… “How can we stop it, man, and how can we find it, you find it!” replied the disarmed policeman, exactly when the criminals’ pick-up was passing under our noses, on Merilor Street. Shaken by this absurd dialogue, as if descended form one of Kafka’s novels, we dialled again 112, but the die had been cast, the police dispatcher was set to redirect everything to the “laundry” improvised by under-commissioner Marin at Police Station 2.


     Adrian Atomei, the „liberal” who introduced dog-catching …into the „liberal’s Decalogue”


The police retreated “strategically” and we stayed on till 6 p.m. in front of the access way to the shelter. Evidently the criminals’ pick-up truck did not return anymore, as it should have, had it been pursuing a  “strategic” mission for the safekeeping of the EYOWF; moreover the dogs got dumped in a field and the catchers (probably thoroughly scolded) were sent home. Meanwhile the social networks were alerted and messages of reproval started pouring in, also touching vice-mayor Atomei who was on facebook trying to introduce the “liberal” principle of dog-catching into the “liberal’s Decalogue”.



130216 Atomei viceprimarul liberal


Adrian Atomei – your liberal vice-mayor!

He had just found an adequate wording, obtained by compiling “liberal commandments” no. 5 and no. 6 (something like: “the liberal does not distinguish between a mean dog-catcher and an honest citizen. In order to control a mean dog-catcher, the liberal first learns to listen to a mean dog-catcher”). Upon seeing the posts on the outrage that had occurred, Adrian Atomei forgot for a moment that it had been he, who had saved the half-gone dog-catcher when Scripcaru lost the Local Council, and declared that “something like this is unacceptable, he would gather more information and will take measures”. This of course was no more than a bluff, because Adrian had already staked everything on the card of involution, preferring to liberalize the criminal ways of Bãrbulescu, than to free the dog-catcher’s post of director.

The next day Pavãl, Burgã and the others admitted to have taken the puppies, but continued to mock the employees of Flavus Inc., the girls who had taken care of the puppies and were looking desperately for them, by sending them off to all sorts of distant fictive locations. Gheorghe Pavãl, who had had a few and was in joking mood, declared that the girls who were searching for the puppies “should be searching his balls”. The other dog-catchers warned us that they were saying prayers and lighting candles so that “something bad” happens to us; Police Station 2 had sent a discrete man who was whispering with Dorin Moldovan asking for a short statement, vice-mayor Atomei disappeared from facebook like a censored comment, and Mircea Popa complained to his superiors that we were harassing him, that he is a good man, that he is EYOWF and that … we harass him.

We filed complaints with the Braºov County Police Inspectorate, with Police Stations 2 and 3, requesting the “guardians of the law” to act swiftly in order to find the puppies (what we are convinced that they will do starting July 14th 2013, when the first thematic review of the Sanitary-Veterinary Directorate for the third trimester is scheduled at the animal shelter of Stupini).


The first lesson of the incident: abjectness and dog-catching as ideology


This both banal and thoroughly abject incident provides us with a series of lessons.

FIRSTLY it is obvious that the dog-catchers’ action cannot be understood, unless “read” in a pathological and/or ideological key. Why take 3-week old puppies from their mother, from a private location where they were cared for and from a kennel where they were safe, and take them to a distant place where they would suffer a most probably painful death?! Moreover, why do this in full daylight, when one is seen, monitored, exposed to criminal complaints and the NGOs will certainly be alerted?!


There is only one answer to these questions: we are not looking at normal, but at pathological behaviour. Two types of pathology can be distinguished here: a natural pathology of sadist type, and an unnatural, induced pathology of ideological insaneness type. I am tempted to believe that we have here an unnatural pathology, particularly when the only comparison that crosses my mind when I think of the dog-catching madness of Burgã, Pavãl and Prodan (evidently keeping the proportions) is a comparison to Nazi or communist madness, which is of ideological type.

For example, the Nazis were capable of dislodging an entire battalion, to risk the fate of an entire battle just to search for days on end for 2 Jewish children hidden in an attic. Similarly, during the civil war the Bolsheviks would mobilize large man force to destroy a wretched market where the inhabitants of Moscow were barter trading in order to be able to survive. In both cases the aim seems insignificant in relation to the effort and the assumed risks, but this aim is based on an ideological “sacrament” that cannot be contested. The catching of the two Jewish children or the liquidation of the barter market in Moscow would not have produce any effect on the reality in which the Nazis or Bolsheviks were living, but these actions represented an absolute necessity from the perspective of ideological fiction with which the same Nazis and/or Bolsheviks tried to replace reality (the Jews were the “essence of ill” for the Nazis, and the people barter trading the “essence of capitalist decay” for the Bolsheviks).

Pui Fote


Similarly to the Jewish children or the poor people barter trading (keeping the proportions, as said before), the 7 puppies had to be eliminated, not because Pavãl, Burgã and Prodan would necessarily be sadists, or because the EYOWF would be disturbed in any way, but because their minds are contaminated by the quasi-ideological madness of “dog-catching” inoculated for years by Bãrbulescu, Scripcaru and the other ideologists of dog-catching in the Mayor’s Office.


The second lesson: dog-catchers like to make children “happy”!


The second lesson is about the educational role of the dog-catcher. Apparently after parents and teachers the third most important role in shaping the personality of our young ones comes to the dog-catcher. It is not for the first time that Burgã and his colleagues make children “happy”, while in front of running TV-cameras carefully lifting puppies from a doghouse (where they were taken care of) and then, when the TV crews had left, throwing them into the latrine of Stupini (literally latrine, as dogs have drowned in the dejections of the clogged gutter). I remember images broadcasted a few years ago by a local television station, where a grinning Burgã was picking up about 5 puppies no older than one month and burying them in the stinking van of the SPGA.

The most emotional and “educational” experience with dog-catchers was told to me by a fifth-grader from the Meºotã National High School in 2010, when I was involved in an educational project related to animal protection. The child told me enthusiastically that about two years earlier he and his friends had found a couple of abandoned puppies, for whom they made up a box and of whom they took care for about two weeks. “Then we called animal protection”, told me the boy, “and asked what could be done for the dogs, and they told us that it would be best if they took them. My friends and I were very happy, because when they came to take the puppies they promised they would find other keepers for them and that everything would be fine”. Sadly I had to ask how these “anima protection people” looked like. “They were dressed in blue uniforms and were driving red Dacia pick-up trucks with something written on them …” said the boy. I couldn’t refrain from telling him, that those people were not “animal protectors”, but the dog-catchers who used to kill dogs or let them die; the kid went white and didn’t say another word during the entire class, despite my efforts to redeem the situation. The next day his mum asked me to lie to him and convince him that I had been wrong, because the little guy had cried and hadn’t slept all night, thinking that he had sent his dogs to die. So I told him some lies, as well as I could, but it was then that I understood that the dog-catchers suffered from a form of special and “super-natural” stupidity. How else would they lie so serenely to some kids, while taking the animals the children had come to love and sending them to their death?


The other lessons of the story


The third lesson of this sad incident is that Scripcaru can actually stop the ongoing investigation of a crime, by shortly pushing, with his back side, the Mircea Popa “button”. Moreover the “button” has developed a Pavlovian reflex, namely of pushing itself every time it hears of complaints against Bãrbulescu or the SPGA Brașov;

The forth lesson is that during the EYOWF 2013 laws are suspended, the town of Braºov regresses into chaos, sinister creatures raid the yards armed with guns and syringes loaded with ketamine, and the police act “by their gut”, interpreting like the priests of Delphi the troglodyte mutterings of the Oracle of Buruieneºti.

The fifth lesson is that if Scripcaru “directs in traffic a car full of criminals, this car cannot be identified and stopped in traffic by the police;

The sixth lesson is that when the so-called “guardians of the law” are required to enforce the law and not use as their urinal, they would cry on each other’s shoulders shaking their epaulettes, they would claim “offence to authorities” and transform the prosecutors’ meetings into group therapy sessions.


So who is hiding behind the EYOWF of dog-catcher Bãrbulescu?



20121205132624 (1)Barbulescu2 (1)


Not only seven tormented dogs are hidden behind the EYOWF of dog-catcher Bãrbulescu, but an entire “thematic dance” of turpitude and stupidity, of cliques and servility grandly staged by police commissioners, sub-commissioners, chief agents and plain agents armed with “mops” and “wipes”, who can be saddled and ridden, blindfolded and made to clean up the mess left behind by a bunch on Neanderthals under the high command of the mayor. The EYOWF of Bãrbulescu also hides a “liberal” vice-mayor who, instead of shafting Bãrbulescu 7 months ago when he promised solemnly that he would, has preferred to pick him up from the latrine in that he was slowly sinking, to wash him, disinfect him and keep perfuming him, trying desperately to get rid of the foetid odour of 35000 dogs senselessly killed and tortured on taxpayers’ money.


Enache Dorin Valter-Marele Preot al Cultului turbarii
Enache Dorin Valter – Director DSVSA


And evidently, behind the EYOWF of the same dog-catcher the most prolific creator of sanitary-veterinary clichés of our days couldn’t be absent, the director of the Sanitary-Veterinary and Animal Safety Directorate – DSVA, Dorin Valter ENACHE, special guest in this “gala location” such as to guarantee with his “professional credibility” that everything written here is “but our opinion”.


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