The Dog Catching “association “ (DMPA) from Brasov at its first defeat – the closure of the shelter in Rasnov.

One year after the inauguration, the “ high managers of this party and this stable “ from the “association” The Directorate for the Monitoring and the Protection of Animals “ ( DPMPA or DMPA ) , have decided to shut down the sinister ramshackle in Rasnov, in which , at least 500 dogs have been made to suffer. The main reasons for this drastic decision are the frequent invitation to the prosecutor’s office received by the Vice President of DMPA , MARIEANA DUCAR – after our countless complains and
The fact that the president FILIP ILIE ALIN has been “whispered” by a birdie, that we intended to obtain a Presidential Ordinance against the stable in Rasnov
(NOTE : this stable in ruins, has been used as shelter for the stray dogs picked up from 10 towns around Brasov City , members of DMPA – )
Under these very unfavourable circumstances Marieana Ducar, Filip ALin and Flavius Barbulescu, have surrendered their weapons, basically the “ dog hogsty “ from the cow stable in Rasnov, directly at the paternal feet of ENACHE DORIN VALTER ( the Director of DVSVA Brasov – County Sanitary veterinary Authority ) who , in return has promised them that they can continue to dream to the day when they will be able to move their “toys” with which they torture and kill dogs, in the new extermination station, in Codlea ( which was supposed to be ready since two years ago….)


Grajd Dmpa



The Masquerade of the dog catching crusade. The Non profit organization of dog catchers

In April 2011, while all the real organizations for the protection of animal were fighting with the Parliament to stop the voting of a law which would have legalize the mass killings of stray dogs, 10 to Town Halls from the Brasov County, got together in order to establish a very dubious non profit organization (NPO ) with a very pompous name : “ The Police for the Monitoring and Protection of Animals.” The dog catchers web started a very daring camouflage manoeuvre in order to continue to kill dogs and to suck public money, even more efficiently than they used to do it before.

The “revelation” of the dog catcher “ in chief”
The idea of a NPO for the dog catchers has its source in the head of….of course …the dog catcher in chief from Brasov – Flavius Dumitru Barbulescu – who was haunted by a sort of metaphysical anguish ( anxiety ) which obliged him to drastically reduce the number of cadavers of the dog catching public services. Constraint to change something or to disappear, Barbulescu started desperately to find a way to cut our access to his businesses with cadavers. And, while meditating, he got a “ revelation” : in order to escape the terror of the real NPO and the public outrage, the dog catchers tribe, had to become an NPO , thus to appear as an “innocent” organization for the protection of animals. BUT, this project still had some majors short comings , because a simple NPO would have had any credibility and absolutely NO chances to get finances from private funds. It was obvious that, placed face to face with the real NPOs for the protection of animals, the pitiful mixture of dog catchers would have drowned and Barbulescu would have paraded him self as naked as the emperor in the fairy tale.
In order to be successful, this “association” could not afford the luxury to only be a simple “private legal person with non-patrimonial scope “ ( like the definition of Non Governmental organizations stipulates ) They needed a mutant creature , independent and in the same time, dependent of some town halls which will feed IT, and will help IT to beat up the real NGOs. Briefly, the activity of the “association” had to benefit, simultaneously of the advantage of “ privacy and discretion “ ( which envelop the other NGO ) and also the advantage of “cutting and hanging” ( which is given by the public authority )
In this context, the last creation of the dog catcher from Brasov, came up with the only solution which could put together all the expectations of perversity mentioned above : the diabolic SOLUTION, (and obviously illegal ) of the association of several town halls, to form an association for the “ Protection of Animals” which, allegedly will monitor the situation of stray dogs.

In this way, ( based on the thinking of the dog catcher in chief ) the management of stray dogs could not be monitored by the real NGO , anymore, nor by the Romanian Court of Accounts , because their activity was not conditioned by local town halls services for the management of stray dogs nor by any juridical authorities, but only by an NGO, which almost fell from the sky, like a blessing.


Barbulescu si Filip - Fondatorii DMPA
Barbulescu and Filip – „Parents” of  DMPA


The dog catcher’s soul mates

To the “birth” of Barbulescu’s idea, contributed plenty the forceps of pilfering of FILIP ALIN and the frenzy of encouragements of Mrs. Ducar Marieana – the deputy mayor of Rasnov. Very politically involved in the shadow of those who sustain the crusade against strays in Brasov ( George Scripcaru and Adrian Vestea ) Mareana Ducar has developed , since 2010 , an almost pathologic obsession to slay the stray dogs, doubled by a huge admiration for Barbulescu Flavius. The second “ midwife” of DMPA, the “ veterinarian “ FILIP ILIE ALIN ( one of the very few veterinarians who was penalized by the College of Veterinarians for the killing of dogs ) is a ferocious business man, living under the protection of the Director of DVSVSA Brasov – ENACHE DORIN VALTER – who, just by coincidence, or pure luck, managed to win the auctions to get control over the veterinary services in now less than 5 towns – thus earning a big cart of money .
Although theoretically, this activity in those 5 towns would not have give him time, not even to breath “ Filipone Al Capone” did find enough time to offer his services to DMPA, so he could get some more extra money from the public funds for the following services : put the stamp on the record keeping books, the filling with KETAMINE ( a very dangerous drug ) of hundreds of syringes used in the dog catching actions and of course the “ killing” of dogs based on the “ norms”……… they say that Filip ALin’s desire to KILL is so big that he would be capable of killing any creature who is ready to accept the T61 straight into the heart.


Marieana Ducar - viceprimar Rasnov
Marieana Ducar – vicemayor Rasnov


“Dead Nature “ with Barbulescu, Filipons and “ metropolitan” mayors….

After he “ invented” the solution, everything became simple for Barbulescu. All he needed was a popularity tour, with FILIP ALIN and MARIEANA DUCAR, to convince as quickly as possible, more mayors from the “metropolitan “ region that they have now world experts in the protection of animals who will be able to play hide and sick with the public money and the cadavers of dogs, thus it is worth investing in it ( in the “solution” . At the end of this “ tour” the new “ dog catching enterprise” has obeinted the accolades of 10 Town Halls ( Rasnov, Ghimbav, Cristian, Codlea, Predeal, Sanpetru, Halchiu, Harman, Zarnesti, Bran.) whose Mayors fell on their butts at the brilliant finding of these “ euthanasia associates “. Thus, after the idiot jurists from these town hall, have approved this project, the councils of these towns have emanated in the atmosphere some very stinky decisions, and in this way the “ beast” came to life.
“Directia pentru Monitorizarea si Protectia Animalelor”.
“ The Directorate for The Monitoring and protection of Animals.”
Initially, this association had to have the name “ The Police for the Monitoring and Protection of Animals” but, because of the scandal provoked by another NGO . called the “Police for Animals”, Barbulescu had to change cap and content himself with only a “Directorate” ( a title as illegal as the Police, because it belongs to public institutions ). After they invented this name, especially to intimidate and fool anybody, by giving the impression that it is a public institution, not an NGO, Barbulescu and Filip Ilie Alin staged another show of lexical, syntactic and logic contortionism….they went to Brasov Courts to validate their association, thanks to a judge who did not even took the time to study the content of the file for DMPA…
The status of DMPA “ furniture and pain “ 
The status of the “association “ DMPA ( from which we will quote some paragraphs ) is a masterpiece of tendentious imbecility, in which one can find the most promiscuous and illiterate mess of sugary declarations about the “rights of animals”, moronic comendments which preach the mass euthanasia ( but only in humane conditions) of the same voiceless creatures, troglodithe phrasings and stupidities ( the animals can not protecte themselves although they have rights, penal responsibility…) and as a world premiere, very tough declarations against the “bad will against animals”…
As un example , a fragment from Art.8 paragraph 1 :
b) The protection of rights of the voiceless by the implementation of the positive right in the domain by the competent institutions.
c) Informing the tribunals and the law enforcement agencies, in order to attract the penal responsibility of those who are guilty of cruelty, negligence, bad will towards the animals, because they can not protect themselves , although they have rights.
l) Promote the human values and the idea of habitat of humans in communion with the animals

But….the dog catchers association has other goals too, all very “generous” – the conservation of the hunting patrimony, the biodiversity , the natural reserves, the parks and gardens, to abolish the zoonosis and to adopt measures against those person who have in their care animals, yet they stray from the legal requirements and who, intentionally or by negligence pose a danger to the health, of other people.
In one word, the Status of DMPA circulates all the possible diversionist twists of the tongue which could ever pass through the brains of Barbulescu and Filip, all packed up in the most delusional and contorsionate formulae. Everything possible, only to distract the attention from the REAL objective of this association : the KILLIN of stray dogs from at least 3 counties, for the next 30 years and the robing of public budgets of at least 250,000 Euro per year. Bat the real jackpot, hidden in the fake Status of DMPA is the possibility of the transfer of all the patrimony this DMPA has, to the public dog catching Service of Brasov, led by Barbulescu, IF DMPA is dismantled….

Barbulescu hires his “ boys and girls “ at DMPA
Based on local decisions, the 10 town halls have the obligation to give 10000 lei ( about 25,000Euro) in the DMPA accounts. Having enough money on the plate, Barbulescu started distributing them , in a “fair” manner, towards his “ people “ whom he hired . Thus, since June 2011, the public money belonging to the “ juridical person “ DMPA, started to be spent “ accordingly” by : MERET NICOLAE ( “jurist”) DARIUS ALEXANDRU ( “consultant”) RIZEA (Chirila) ANDREEA GEORGIANA ( “secretary/accountant”) BUSE IOAN PETRU ( “veterinary technician”. Etc. Darius Alexandru is a former dog catcher, belonging to SPGA Brasov, Rizea Andreea Georgiana is also the secretary at SPGA Brasov, the new sister-in law of Barbulescu, Buse Ioan Petru is a protégé of DVSVSA Director , a very “clever” individual, an “entrepreneur” who know how to hide in order not to pay his own fines which mount at about 30 Million lei. It is very interesting the fact that these guys, got their salaries without doing ANYTHING until April 2012, because from almost one year DMPA had no activity. But the operation of the “aspiration” of the public money had already begun.


Buse Ioan si Darius Alexandru
Buse Ioan and Darius Alexandru


The center for extermination in Codlea

The central element of this dog catching project, was supposed to be the so-called “ The Center for the Temporary Care of Animals”, basically an extermination station for Flaviu Barbulescu, more efficient that the one in STUPINI , because it was supposed to be a private shelter in which they could ban the access of anybody, and because it was supposed to be placed, fence in fence with the PROTAN Incinerator and the collection of cadavers could have been done under an “emergency” procedure, thus all traces could be easily covered up.( they could have also just dump the cadavers over the fence)

For the construction of the new extermination station The Town Hall of Codlea has offered the land next to the Incinerator and has built the fence. Unfortunately for the dog catchers, the project got stuck for more than one reason s, more or less subjective ( in an electoral year, a big deal of the money they got needed to be spent in more “efficient” ways ) and the possibility for the inauguration before the elections in June 2012 went to hell..





The ghost van and the stinky stable belonging to DMPA 

In March 2012, Barbulescu got into the accounts of DMPA and bought a “Peugeot” van to which he put the plate belonging to FILIP ALIN , car used for his services BV-74-Vet….This van started his job, riding in Sacele in March and April 2012. Only after two “sightings” of the ghost van, the dog catchers dumped one on top of the other almost 40 dogs, from the streets of Sacele, and after Barbulescu’s “boys” dumped them all together in a stable in ruins, hidden in the mountains ( to which the only access was through the property of a Forest Ranger property, which was guarded by armed foresters )This place has been kept secret, during their raids ( which looked very much like the actions of the Somalese pirates ) the dog catchers refusing to give any information to the people who asked to know where they are taking the dogs. Fortunately we have discovered the location, and we went there with the Police an TV Stations, and after, very many complains, DSVSA Brasov has fined the town hall of Sacele with only 600 lei ( although the Director Enache Dorin Valter has lied in the media when he said that the “ruins” where about to be authorized as public shelter ) The “fall” of the stable in Sacele, combined with the imminent local have convinced Marieana Ducar, FIlip ALin and Flaviu Barbulescu to perpare another temporary shelter, in another stable, also in ruin, as sinister as the first one, on the land belonging to a farm in Rasnov. The stable was “rented” for free, to the association, at the intervention of the Deputy Mayor of Rasnov – Marieana Ducar. Very quickly and also secretly, they put some plastic sheets and they improvised some enclosures and this horror house was registered with the DSVSA , with the complicity of all these individuals who, for years mock the laws, giving the authorisation to function to this stinky place …these employees are the Vladila Constantin, Enache Dorin Valter, Serban Dan.
Once the stable became “ legal” the dog catchers Buse and Darius have started the capture of dogs from Rasnov, Codlea, Sacele, Harman, Bran , by the same speedy raids. Although officially the Town Hall in Rasnov declared that they have nothing to do with the DMPA actions, which is “ a juridical person with a private right” , in all those raids, Buse and Darius, where accompanied, in their ghostly van by the deputy Mayor of Rasnov MARIEANA DUCAR and local policemen who showed them which dogs to catch and who also intimidate the local citizens. In May 2012, in the parking lot in front of the Rasnov Citadele, someone has filmed the dog catchers in action, while they shot tranquilizers towards a very friendly dog who died, on the spot, because of the shock and the old age. The, by the orders of Marieana Ducar, they continued to tranquilize about 15 20 more dogs. Nobody knows, not even now, where did they took those animals, far less then to the people who wanted to retrieve them. These people where advised by the Deputy Mayor to mind their own business or to wait.

Grajd Sacele - Aprilie 2012
 Sacele – April 2012


Aprilie 2012 Grajd Sacele
April 2012  Sacele



Inauguration with lots of cursing and the media

In May 23, 2012 we have discovered the stable –shelter of DMPA. We got on the farm where the stable was hidden, we called the police and we wanted to see the conditions in which the dogs were kept. We were not allowed to enter, neither we, nor the Police, under the pretext that it was a private shelter. Things get even more interesting when FIlip Alin filled in a complaint against us, arguing that we occupied the stable and we refused to “liberate” it.
Friday May 25, 2012 MARIEANA DUCAR, BARBULESCU and FILIP officially inaugurated the stable. They invited the media ( especially the one from their own “party” ), all the Deputy-Mayors, accomplices to this mess, some undercover policemen, there were some pompous declarations, some photo shots with the about 50 dogs in there. Although the “officials” declared that Friday, the public can have access to the shelter from 2-4 pm, we have been kept at the gates, together with some other 3 citizens who were there begging to get their dogs back ( and have being doing this for 3 days directly to the deputy Mayor Marieana Ducar.) there were also two representative from the TASSO (German Association. )
Marieana Ducar has explained very serene that we can not be allowed inside because they “ the association DMPA are a “juridical person with a private right, or a private person with a juridical right , does not matter, and if they do not check on us, we should not check on them…
After one hour we were able to catch the convoy of deputy-mayors, Barbulescu, Ducar,Filips, right at the gate of the farm while they were clinging their teeth and swearing, like very proud and powerful public servants, as they are. From that moment, DMPA has entered ( with their boots, their pistols, their dangerous drugs, with Barbulescu, with Filip and with their entire gang of buddies and servants) in people and animals lives.


The balance sheet of DMPA

Since it very beginning, the “association “ DMPA tried, every single day to imitate SPGA ( Service for the management of Animals Brasov ) led by Flavius Barbulescu, and his “private dog catchers” have tried to take “the very own image” of the dog catcher in chief.

Unfortunately for them. They could not reach the same numbers Barbulescu did, from his “Golden Era” of killing dogs. The fact they we followed them, we monitored them and we ” harassed “ them ( as they want to complain about us ) and we filled at least 3 penal complains and tens of Police reports with the Police in Rasnov, Predeal, Zarnesti, Cristian which has dumped some plumb in these “nongovernamental” dog catchers, which pistols and syringes with over dozes of tranquilizers, and we managed to diminish at least 6-7 times their “productive capacity” ( they could “ process” only a small number of dogs, compared with their real potential which was seen during their previous raids in 10-17 October 2012, when during the “ rabies quarantine” they managed to capture in Zarnesti , no less than 205 dogs.
Based on the data obtained by police, after countless reports which we filled from May 2012 to January 2013, DMPA has captured 358 dogs, 198 were ( so they say ) returned in their territories ( 106 in Rasnov, 56 in Codlea, 10 in Cristian, 19 in Harman, 3 in Bran, 2 in Sanpetru and 2 in Halchiu : 14 were “adopted”, 21 died of diverse causes ( cannibalism, senility, bite, hemorrhage, etc ) 81 were euthanized ( same motives, more or less delusional and moronic 2-rabie, 1-canibalism, 19-aggression, 3-senility- 54 NO REASON at all )
Behind this statistic ( from which we can see that some animals have been left to devour each other, some have been killed and some have been abandoned in the middle of nowhere, although on paper they were “returned in their territory”) there lay hidden the following specific activities of DMPA, which have been done by the dog catchers of Barbulescu and Filip Alin, stomping over all the laws, and the delusional and inept declarations written in their own status : they caught all the dogs by shooting them with tranquilizers, they tormented, let to starve, the dogs, they killed dogs, they received money for illegal adoptions and for the legal retrieving of lost or people pets, they abusively banned the access to the shelter, they let the dogs live in their own dejections, to suffocate in a stinky place filled with the smell of urine, feces and dead bodies ( all the windows where covered with wood panels nailed in ) they dropped them on enclosures without separating females from males, different sizes, they let them attack and kill one another, they did not feed them, did not provide water, they hose them with freezing water in Winter, they refused all medical care, they let them with infections and contagious diseases to contaminate one another.
The climax of their street activity ( DMPA ) has been attaint in April 2013 in Predeal. Fearing “sabotage” from our part , the dog catchers have called the Deputy Mayor of Predeal VICTOR ILIESCU, who ordered the local Police and some dubious individuals to be present. These individuals , some were masked some were showing off their ax, to intimidate people, reminiscent from witch hunt in the Middle Ages when hoards of fanatics were ready to hunt. Protected in this way the dog catchers from DMPA have displayed a show of force, they cut in front of us on DN1, they threatened us, they cursed us, they hit our cameras with their feet. The Police and the local Gendarmes, did not want to look “bad” so they asked for our IDs, they took our IDS, they pulled us, they wanted us to go to the Police Station, they threatened to fine us, to fill penal complains against us and they said that they will not protect us from the hooligans with masks and axes

130423 Politia+Jandarmeria130423 Politia si individ cu topor

20130423102047 (4)130423 Dmpa 5

130423 Dmpa1 (1)130423 Dmpa1 (2) Ingrijitor violent

130423 Individ mascat in duba Dmpa130423 Viceprimarul Iliescu



After we have filled in criminal complaints against the dog catchers and the Deputy Mayor of Predeal, Victor Iliescu for his actions, and after we posted on Facebook the videos containing threats, cursing, the masked one, the ax, DMPA seemed to calm down a bit. Buse Ioan Petru promised to let us know when they will have more actions to capture dogs ( he did not do it, because they did not capture any dog anymore ) and the “soul form Rasnov “ of this DMPA ( Marieana Ducar ) calmed down a little bit too ( maybe because there is a legal action started against her for abuse of power ).
Thing finally came to an end, with the “capitulation” of Filip Ilie Alin, the “president” who has found out that we were preparing an action to obtain a Presidential Ordinance to shut down his latrine from Rasnov.

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