With Bruno Icobet and Flavius Bãrbulescu about Trainers and Dog-Catchers

Exactly on the same day when Bruno Icobet won the “Romanians Have Talent” contest (Friday, May 10th 2013) with a fantastic dog dressage number, Flavius Dumitru Bãrbulescu won the contest of dog-catcher retreading (organized by two or three local television stations from Braºov) with an embarrassing “dressageof reporters and confused NGO-representatives (who assured us that the situation of the dogs of Stupini is now in good hands). Although absolutely opposite, the two dressage numbers reveal comparable abilities of the “trainers”, and who hurriedly declared Icobet superior to Bãrbulescu should think again.


130510 Romanii au talent


Thus, when it comes to the passion driving both in the field of dressage, things are somewhat balanced: if Bruno Icobet has a passion for dogs, Flavius Bãrbulescu has the same passion for dog corpses. In relation to management abilities, Bruno Icobet who has won 120,000 euros from ProTV loses clearly to dog-catcher Bãrbulescu who has proved that he is perfectly able to “mercy kill” two and a half million euros from the local budget of Braºov. Further, also regarding the substance of their “messages” Icobet should not be held winner. After all, the dog trainer from the “Romanians Have Talent” show has just sent a most prosaic and utterly unprofitable message in times of crisis: “the (living) dog is man’s best friend”. On the other hand Flavius Bãrbulescu’s subliminal, original and “entrepreneurial” message is far better adjusted to a country with an excess of dogs and obviously dog-catching habits: “the dead dog is man’s best business partner”.    

The only chapter where the trainer from the “Romanians Have Talent” show scored clearly is artistic impression (although artistic impression alone “does not bring spring”). Thus, while Bruno Icobet’s dressage rose to masterpiece level, Flavius Bãrbulescu’s “dressage” sank beneath cacophony (we practically had to suffer the same decrepit parody staged without conviction be the same tired background actors, in midst whom Cristina Lapis decreed with last powers the “glorious” kick-off of the 17th “pilot” project of “cooperation” with the dog-catching service, evidently forgetting to mention the “terrible” fate of the other 16 “pilot projects” that, after having been launched with the same pomp, crashed on the dogs of Stupini, like Japanese pilots crashed on enemy ships).


130510 Barbulescu dresura 1

http://www.mixtvbrasov.ro/19370-stiri-10-05-2013/ –  Von Minute 15

Those who haven’t yet perceived the superiority of Bãrbulescu’s journalist and NGO-representatives “dressage” over Bruno Icobet’s dog dressage, should consider further trumps of the dog-catcher, namely the “longevity” and “complexity” of his dressage.  It is well-known that Bãrbulescu has “performed” for over 10 years, and although the actors are increasingly jaded and disgusted in performing his “dressage” (thus contradicting the “brilliant” theory of “experts” Constantin Vlãdilã and Dorin Valter Enache according to that “long-standing circus animals perform dressage numbers out of pleasure”), their loyalty to the “trainer” remains intact. Moreover, Bãrbulescu’s “dressage” number is infinitely more difficult than Bruno Icobet’s. Even a child in elementary school can realize that it is much easier to convince three dogs to jump through hoops and do pirouettes, than to convince 3-4 persons to assert in front of running cameras that in the stinking pigsty of Stupini things are actually going well. (For this simple knowledge of Pavlovian reflexes is not enough; a back covered by mayor Scripcaru is required, and also shrewdness, perversity and naturally obedient “subjects”, malleable and bendable who at any time deliver the required media appearance).

So, if I were asked why the heck did Bruno Icobet win the contest on ProTV, I’d simply say: “because Flavius Bãrbulescu din not compete in “Romanians Have Talent” and because the “Millions of Friends” Association hasn’t yet launched a “pilot project” of cooperation with the dog-catchers of Braºov on the issue of straying bears.”

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