After having refused to save tens of thousands of wretched dogs, ANSVSA now “saves” 1000 happy dogs

In the last two weeks the social networks have recorded unusually intensive (practically seismic) activity of the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) in relation to animal protection associations. At 26 th of September the representative of the “Authority” cut a (rather wide) ribbon and checked out a  actress-model from Germany, thus kicking off the castration campaign conducted by the Vier Pfoten Association in the town of Pantelimon (a campaign in that ANSVSA fulfils the strategic role of not standing in the way of those conducting the castrations), and then again, just a couple of days ago Facebook literally exploded by the news of yet another heroic deed of the same “Authority”

Maximilian Dragan – Director General al Direcţiei Generale Control Oficial?! din Ansvsa , mai nou taietorul de panglici al Ansvsa, informeaza presa despre "marile realizari"

Maximilian Dragan – The Ansvsa Expert for cutting the ribbon

Open-shelter Bacau-Caini "maltratati" facand o baie

The open shelter of Bacău – “abused” dogs taking a bath

Suddenly overtaken by a messianic itch, the institution that has contemplated without moving a finger the torment of tens of thousands of stray dogs, has started a true “national salvation contest” of the dogs in the public shelter of Bacău (whose activity was supposed to have been suspended in April 2014 (!) for serious breaches like holding more than 1000 dogs on unequipped open grounds, the exceeding of the legally allowed number of dogs that can be kept in one kennel, unclean kennels not satisfying the legal requirements, keeping of bitches with pups together with adult dogs, etc.)

Adapostul din Slatina-caini cu adevarat "fericiti"

Public Shelter Slatina – very „happy” dogs

The bait thrown by the ANSVSA was first swallowed by the Vier Pfoten Association who photographed the dogs cruelly “condemned” to a free life on the 17 hectares of the shelter, a true open-air shelter, and then posted (together with more than 200 photos of those dogs) on Facebook a call addressed to the NGOs (quote): “The public shelter of Bacău needs an urgent solution for the more than 1000 stray dogs that move freely on the 15 hectares of the shelter. The activity of the institution has been suspended by the ANSVSA, but, in the absence of fenced spaces the animals often engage in violent conflicts. Moreover, the small dogs have no or barely access to food. VIER PFOTEN cooperates with the mayor’s office of Bacău and the ANSVSA to promote the adoption of the dogs from the shelter. Over a couple of days the organisation will take as many photos as possible and post them on Facebook in view of finding adopters. According to the mayor’s office all dogs are castrated, immunised and have microchip implants. Adopt and save a life!)

caini “agresati”de mediul natural (visand cu ochii deschisi la custile de 2 metri patrati ale adaposturilor “autorizate”)

The open shelter of Bacău- dogs “aggressed”by the natural environment (daydreaming of the 2 square meters large boxes of the “authorised” shelters


Adapostul Cornetu-libertate de (ne)miscare garantata

Cornetu – (Non) Movement Guarantee

On September 30 the S.O.S. Dog Association also succumbed to the authoritative wooing call of the “Authority”, what inspired even more euphoric posts that inform us that (quote):  “Following the initiative of the ANSVSA, the VIER PFOTEN Foundation has started an adoption campaign. The SOS Dogs Association of Oradea, the first to respond to the call has adopted 54 dogs, and 50 more are to follow in the coming days.”)

            The brazenness of the ANSVSA aside, who uses the NGOs for its on advertising under the ridiculous pretext of claiming to be the “initiator” of the adoption action (as if the NGOs were populated by imbecile unable to “initiate” an adoptions), and further aside the fact that instead of generating outrage this impertinence triggers enthusiasm (as if the appearance of the ANSVSA in a simulacrum of “cooperation” with associations were an event of cosmic magnitude), we can easily see that the great “salvation” action is NOTHING BUT a diversionist manoeuvre that does not hold up to rational analysis for more than 5 minutes.

            First we need to ask why “dogs that move freely on the 15 (actually 17) hectares of an open-shelter” need an urgent solution (need being “saved” by being moved from the open shelter to other shelters, like the one in Oradea)!? And who would think of “solutions”, of “emergencies”, of “emergency saving” or other such imperative commandments seeing those fat dogs, in rude health and relaxed, paddling in pools (like elephants in sanctuaries) and who wander around freely on grounds a thousand times greater than the space offered by the meagre kennels of a typical shelter?! (as is clearly visible in the 206 photos posted by Vier Pfoten, from none of which we are stared at by a famished, sick or injured dog).

On the other hand we should ask why the “Authority” (feeding us stupid arguments like: the dogs of Bacău “often engage in violent conflicts because of the absence of fenced spaces”!, “The small dogs have no access to food) preaches the “urgent salvation” of the dogs of Bacău, while it could not care less for the fate of other tens of thousands of dogs who are in for more need of saving (dogs finished off and killed daily by Bancescu’s catchers, or left to rot slowly, killed by hunger and diseases in the pigsties of Slatina, Bragadiru, Mihailesti, Cornetu, Onesti, Odai, Orastie, Alexandria, Constanta, Tulcea, Timisoara etc. )!?

animale "condamnate" sa rataceasca pe 17 hectare

The open shelter of Bacău – animals “condemned” to ramble on 17 hectares of ground


Adapost Slatina- animale care "n-au nevoie sa fie salvate"

Slatina Public Shelter – Animals „without emergency” to be rescued

And if it is still not clear that the “initiative” launched by the “Authority” for the adoption of the dogs of Bacău has nothing to do with the “wellbeing” of the dogs of Bacău, but only with the “wellbeing” of the image of the ANSVSA and the comfort of those protected by this institution, let us spell it out for you: 

Firstly the “Authority” got “involved” in the so-called “salvation” of the dogs of Bacău to distract our attention from the catastrophe of tens of sinister shelters, filled with miserable animals, for whom it has never done and will not do anything, until the animals end up (with the help of the catchers) as soap or bone glue. Why is nothing done? Easy, in order to not tread on the toes of far “heavier” mayors (than the mayor of Bacău), mayors with solid “central support”, who, if they were to tackle the poor “Authority” would silence it completely (can you picture the “Authority’s” inspectors daring to make waves in Bucharest mayor Oprescu’s waters and fine the local dogcatchers of the ASPA?!).

            Secondly, the ANSVSA “performs” on Facebook just to show the it actually does something, that it has mobilised  after all the nudges and clouts received from certain NGOs over the last months (take only our NGO – we have disturbed the “Authority’s” sanitary-veterinary sleep with 5 sharp petitions, 4 uncomfortable request for public information, two administrative suits and a shocking reportage covering the cruelties in the most miserable shelters enjoying the best “sanitary-veterinary” protection, made by German reporter Stefanie Fink and aired on public television in Germany…).

caini odihnindu-se (dupa o zi de "supunere la cruzimi"

The open shelter of Bacău – dogs resting (after a day of enduring “cruelties”)

Adapostul Galati  Caini-foarte bine "tratati"

Galati Public Shelter – very „good” cared dogs

Thirdly, the “Authority” has chosen Bacău out of well-calculated cynicism (from the aesthetic and advertising viewpoint). Such a “great Authority” cannot afford to launch the “initiative” of “saving” emaciated, sick and ugly dogs like the ones in Slatina without risking to be accused of permitting the local council and mayor’s office to allow the degradation of those dogs (in which case the entire “glamorous” magic of the staged “salvation” would go down the drain).Consequently, because skeletal, lame and ugly dogs have no place in adverts designed to praise the “initiatives” of the ANSVSA, most probably a “casting” was organised won at a distance by the fat, good-lucking, well cared for dogs from the open shelter of Bacău, dogs simply perfect for being „saved” in the spotlight, under the illustrious and clean patronage of the “Authority”.

Last but not least the ANSVSA aims at turning the “salvation” of the dogs of Bacău into a kind of official “salvation” prototype (to slowly replace the unofficial “salvations” performed by all sorts of “unwelcome” people, by all kinds of “dissidents” without the sanitary-veterinary endorsement and “blessing”) to popularise within the festive “framework” of future manipulations. For this purpose the “Authority” tries to confiscate and monopolise the prerogative to choose the dogs worth “saving”, as well as the right to establish a unique and mandatory typology of dogs worth “saving”. Thus, the animals in need of an “urgent solution”, the ones that need saving will NO LONGER be those indicated by evidence and reason (the dogs of which we can say without hesitation that they are exhausted, skeletal, injured, terrorised, apathetic etc.), but only the dogs indicated by the ANSVSA in its “adoption” initiatives posted on Facebook (regardless if those dogs are perfectly fine!). “Believe and do not question”, “adopt and don’t ask” is the ANSVSA’s message to the NGOs, “your job is to save without thinking, and our job is to decide what you have to save and what I not worth saving”! (Thus, with the help of the NGOs, all sanitary-veterinary crooks’ dream of imposture would come true, crooks who for years have forged the control charts of the most pestilential shelters claiming that only their “high sanitary-veterinary” competence can tell a starving animal from a well-fed one, a tortured animal from a happy one, a miserable stable from a reasonable shelter or a floor covered in dejections from a clean one). Regrettably, although  the ANSVSA’s plan is only at its beginning, it has all chances to materialise, since two known NGOs have already swallowed the bait and hurried to help this simulacrum of a “salvation”, unconsciously accrediting the theory that “salvation” endorsed by the ANSVSA is more valuable, more legitimate and more necessary than any “salvation” outside the “Authority’s” custody, or the idea that the so-called “salvation” of the 1000 dogs of Bacău (“condemned „to move freely on a 17 hectare ground) can compensate the tens of thousands of abandoned animals, condemned every day to wince in the ropes of the ASPA dogcatchers from Bucharest or to expire as discretely as possible in the stinky cages of the “authorised” extermination stations.   

caine "traumatizat" care nu mai asteapta nimic de la viata

The open shelter of Bacău – “traumatiesed” dog who doesn’t expect anything anymore from life


Mihailesti - Caine "terorizat" de amintirea libertatii

Mihailesti Aspa Public Shelter – „Terrorised” Dog from the Memory of Freedom


Lastly, the ANSVSA “promotes” the “salvation” of the dogs of Bacău in order to destroy not only the open shelter where they are kept, but the very idea of such an open shelter. Why? Simple, because this extremely “dangerous” idea overturns the stupid “sanitary-veterinary” ideology, undermines the interests of the “fauna” feeding from the incarceration and/or killing of the dogs and dissembles the rotten theories according to that for financial or even animal welfare reasons the permanent sheltering of stray dogs is an impossible solution (remember the perfidious “rationale” that invited us to admit it is preferable to kill the dogs instead of condemning them to an agonising life in the narrow and filthy kennels of a public shelter?) Thus, although it seems absurd and cynical, the idea of open shelters is rejected firmly just because it could truly be a SALVATION for those wretched animals. Or, in this country where food is stolen from dying dogs just to profit some more (by cheating the scales) from the incineration of the starveddogs, who the hell needs the SALVATION of those “miserable” dogs?!

            (However let’s not forget the media and electoral stakes. Obviously the ANSVSA has accepted to share the same Facebook post with two known NGOs to brush up its image with minimum effort, namely by parasitizing the image of those NGOs.  This reasoning is the more “reasonable” as the electoral campaign has started and the “Authority’s” management owes raising the stroke of manipulation and bring to the people al sanitary-veterinary and food safety level at least a fraction of the illusions disseminated by their absolute and extremely untruthful patron, Victor Ponta).

caini "nenorociti" care asteapta sa fie salvati

The open shelter of Bacău – “miserable” dogs waiting to be saved

Cornetu - "bunastare" la superlativ

Cornetu – „Wellness” on high level


While the “salvation” of the dogs of Bacău is in full stride, we hear the ANSVSA has suspended the catching of stray dogs in Oneşti. This intervention, coming with a delay of at least 4-5 months after the reporting of the execrable circumstances of that shelter (ad at least 4 month after the death of the last dog contemporary with that report) does nothing but confirm the above. More so, this provisional measure with no significant consequences was taken only upon the perseverance of town councilman Kuki Barbuceanu, the poor man, who cruised the area dozens of times until permitted to undertake anything.

Onesti - Caini care nu au avut norocul sa fie salvati de Ansvsa

Onesti Public Shelter – Dogs they had not the chance to be rescued from Ansvsa

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  • Sue 19/10/2014 la 12:20 pm

    This has to stop you only have to look at the dogs faces to see how lost and unloved they are,why is this allowed the dogs in the filthy kennels who clearly look starved and also some quite poorly,are left to die in pain and starved ,living in such disgusting places,it makes me ashamed to be human sometimes,we cause such pain and misery not only on animals but ourselves ,I prey one day this will all end ,breaks my heart to see such beautiful animals treated with no respect what so ever !!!!

  • lesley ford 19/10/2014 la 6:01 pm

    I have been working in Bacau shelter all summer, this article is completely wrong suggesting whoever wrote it has never been there !!!! Contact me someone and I’ll tell you the truth

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    all these poor dogs. I have seen it in Rumania already a long time ago. so sad. I made myself very disliked there because I fed them while staying there

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